5 Must Haves for an Awesome House Party

It’s Sunday and it’s time for a partayyyy!!!

A party is incomplete without a bunch of like – minded people, be it friends, extended family or colleagues for that matter and party supplies. You wouldn’t want anything amiss in your house party and would want everybody to enjoy to the fullest.

So here we give you a low down of the house party must haves that will make your party a hit!


Where there is a party there is a drink. 😉

Whether to serve water, colas, mocktails or cocktails, you need glasses that go along with them. Nothing matches the feeling of serving a good drink in an awesome glass.

And in case you want to save yourself from the hassle of washing them later or shudder at the thought of your favourite crockery breaking, then go for the plastic or disposable cups. You don’t have to worry about those usual plain and ugly looking disposable cups as there are some good looking options available with some quirky designs on them.



Shaken or stirred whichever way you like your drink a cool stirrer surely charms! A stirrer is no longer boring; it can be cute, funny and quirky at the same time! Some stirrers are designed in the shape of palm trees, some as swans and some out of the box ones are in the shape of lips, flip flops, the suits of playing cards. They can be as imaginative as one can be. So go ahead, get your hands on some really cool stirrers and dress up the drinks you are going to serve at your party!



Remove all the furniture from the middle of your living room, space out the sofas and Bingo, your dance floor is ready! Who needs a DJ console? Prepare a compilation of all the latest tracks, just play it in your stereo and be the DJ of your own party!


Ice Coolers

With the hip and happening party going on, you wouldn’t want to miss out on any action while walking to the fridge and pulling out a drink. Just get an ice cooler and keep your drinks chilled by your side. Your guests can help themselves to a bottle and pour it out for everyone else too!


Royal Tobacco Hookah Flavour

Lounge around after you are done dancing and running, sit around chit chatting with your party mates over your favourite flavour of Hookah. Have fun competing with your friends over who makes the finest smoke rings.


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